August 22, 2013

A Thousand Thousand Thank Yous

We did it! And we couldn’t have done it without the big web of supporters and believers who surrounded us, and helped us get the 97th Street Night Market off the ground.

Thank you to a phenomenal team of organizers who poured their hearts, energies and many talents into making this happen. Thank you to Sharon Yeo, Kathryn Lennon, Roxanne Yip, Mike Lam, Olivia Fung, Trevor Chow-Fraser, Maria Chau, Paul Giang and Matt Hundert.

Thank to you to Stephanie Chan for sharing her gorgeous collection of vintage Hong Kong cheongsams (dresses).

Thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers: Simon Wong, Saba Kidane, Christie Wong, Patricia Wong, Justin Wong, Jill Chesley, SeWon Hwang, Colleen Lee, Will Le, Nicole Wang, Ryan Loo, and Kevin Trieu.

Thank you to Qualico and Ledcor, who generously provided and cleared the site.

Thank you to Miles Quon, of the Lingnan, for donating fortune cookies.

Thank you to ASSIST Community Services Centre and the Chinese Benevolent Association for support and supplies.

Thank you to our food trucks: Lingnan Express, S’wich Food, and Molly’s Eats who so kindly designed special menus for the night market.

Thank you to all the vendors: Gama/ Cielo Rosa, RicepaperMagazine, NI-Core, Universal Electronic & Video Inc., House of Bags, Pacific Cafe, iHuman, Holy Cow, Victor Vargas, and the woven art vendor.

Thank you to Stephen Tsang, Megan Tsang and Joy Wen for their lovely watercolour and calligraphy demonstrations.

Thank you to the Chinatown Heritage Tour Guides: Peter Wong and Lan Chan-Marples for leading tours and researching and designing the walking tour maps. Thank you to Allan Kwan, Paul Giang of Spacing Magazine Edmonton, and Chris Chan of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society for leading tours.

Thank you to Ying Fat Food Products Ltd. for donating soy milk to walking tour participants.

Thank you to the performers: 5 Elements Drum and Lion Dance Crew, Damian Abrahams, Golden Blossom Chinese Dance Group, Nanyen Lau, Isaac Friesen, Ivy Friesen, Gary Garrison, Convergence Dance Crew, Diana Zheng of Edmonon Chinese Dance Academy, and Kaz Mega.

Thank you to Music is a Weapon for the bike-powered sound system.

Thank you to Gabe Wong for poster and postcard design and concept.

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